Annie Koutrakis
Annie Koutrakis
Member of Parliament for Vimy
Constituency Youth Council

Join the Constituency Youth Council!

Young people have always played an important role in their communities. Today more than ever, young Canadians need a voice in Parliament, and I intend to bring their perspective with me every time I return to Ottawa.

The Constituency Youth Council (CYC) program allows young people to share their thoughts on policies and issues that affect their community while learning about the Canadian political process. As the Member of Parliament for Vimy, I am happy to announce that I will be accepting nominations for my CJC this fall!


What is CYC?

CYC is an opportunity for young people to learn about the Canadian political process, to discuss their views on issues and, most importantly, to get involved in their communities.

When will the program take place?

The CYC meets throughout the school year, starting this fall through June 2021. Meetings are held monthly in person or online depending on the pandemic situation.

Why is this important to me?

Giving a voice to young people is essential for our government. The Youth Perspective brings new insight into the issues that affect our community and our country.

How you can apply!

Please complete the application form below. You will be contacted once your requests have been reviewed and approved.


Vimy Constituency Youth Council Application Form

To apply for MP Annie Koutrakis's Constituency Youth Council, please complete the questions below. You will be notified of your acceptance once your application is reviewed.
  • Tell me about yourself! Are you currently in school? If so, what are you studying? What are your hobbies or personal interests? (max 200 words)
  • Please tell me about any past experiences you have that will help you make meaningful contributions as a member of Vimy's Youth Council. This may include past work and volunteer experience, past studies that relate to the topics discussed in Youth Council meetings or personal experiences that may give you a unique perspective on the issues currently facing youth in Vimy and across Canada. (max 200 words)
  • Why are you interested in joining Vimy's Youth Council? What experiences are you hoping to get out of Youth Council meetings and events? (max 200 words)

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